Complete Carbon to Energy Solution

Can you imagine one solution to both our dependence on foreign oil and our inefficiency in waste management? We have, and the answer involves creating energy from waste. The process, known as Microwave Depolymerization creates a very high quality synthetic diesel fuel from many sources including municipal garbage, agricultural waste, refinery bi-products, and all types of plastics.
A solution like ours comes at a time when many countries are not only researching alternatives to fossil fuels, but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Already, countries involved with the Kyoto Protocol are investigating methods that focus on these two problems. We see our process at the forefront of alleviating these concerns. Our process occurs inside a closed system, meaning there are no harmful emissions or hazardous bi-products. Because this is a carbon neutral process, the produced diesel will help reduce the carbon dioxide levels released into the atmosphere.

Benefits of our process include the following:

  • Reduces amount of landfill waste
  • Produces a fully competitive high quality diesel
  • Cost per gallon of diesel produced between $0.52 and $0.58 US$ without government subsidies
  • Eliminates almost all environmental pollutants through conversion to salts, crystals, and diesel
  • Self sufficient processing plants that utilize up to 10% of total diesel output
  • With an opporunity to create a cleaner future, will you let your waste go to waste?

Will it Process?

We can process everything from agriculural waste to used tires. To see a list of acceptable materials, click here!


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