Input Materials

A standard Micro Dee Plant has been economically optimized for the most diverse biological and mineral materials to be used as plant inputs.
Input materials can include:

  • Municipal solid waste (unsorted or sorted)
  • Plastics of all kinds (including PVC's)
  • Rubber, including that from automobile tires
  • Waste oils, waxes and fats of all types (including hydraulic oils and transformer oils)
  • Agricultural wastes (including animal waste products, spoiled food, etc.)
  • Hospital waste materials
  • All refinery by-products (bitumen, tars, etc.)
  • Biologically regenerating raw materials (wood, vegetables, meat wastes, etc.)

The modular design of the plant allows for decentralized processing being possible right next to the site where the raw input materials exist, thereby additionally eliminating transportation costs and further increasing environmental benefits.