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First Industrial Sublimation System Announced

TekGar announced the commissioning of their first industrial sublimation system, Sublimax, located outside Randers, Denmark. Frichs A/S, of Horsens, Denmark, purchased TekGar’s first industrial Sublimax in 2011, for the purpose of converting swine waste and straw into a medium BTU methane gas for producing electricity. This week, the Sublimax was commissioned whereby straw was converted to methane gas, in the Sublimax, collected and powered an electrical generator. The system will provide electricity and heat to a small community generated from waste materials.

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TekGar receives Patent from the USPTO

TekGar received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that their Non-Provisional Patent Application entitled System and Method Using a Microwave-Transparent Reaction Chamber for Production of Fuel from Carbon-Containing Feedstock, was issued as U.S. Patent Number 8,361,282 on January 29, 2013. “This is a tremendous milestone for TekGar”, stated Michael Catto, President and CEO of TekGar.

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TekGar’s Teaming Partner Aina Koa Pono Awarded Sustainable Biofuels Contract from Hawaiian Electric Company

‘Aina Koa Pono announced today that it has been selected as the recipient of a sustainable biofuels contract from Hawaiian Electric Company. This partnership will be essential in helping Hawaii reach its clean energy goal of meeting 70 percent of its electricity and ground transportation needs from clean, renewable energy sources by 2030. ‘Aina Koa Pono – which means “for the good of the land” in Hawaiian – unveiled plans to establish a 13,000 acre Energy Farm in the Ka‘u District of Hawai‘i Island on farm land that has been fallow for 14 years. By early 2013 the Ka‘u Energy Farm will produce biofuels that will contribute to help increase energy independence, stabilize energy prices, help revitalize a fading agriculture industry and generate hundreds of much-needed jobs for the Ka‘u community, which was hit hard by the economic recession.

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Tekgar Partners with MELE Associates

MELE Associates has teamed with Tekgar, LLC who has the exclusive marketing rights for the Bionics Microfuel Reactor in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The underlying technology is called thermo catalytic depolymerization. Many materials, such as plastics, rubber (tires), sewage sludge, and animal waste contain long chains of hydrocarbons called polymers. For example, a typical fat molecule is C50H92O6. Diesel fuel consists of relatively short hydrocarbon (CH) chains 16 to 20 units long. The catalytic depolymerization process involves controlled heating of the feedstock to break apart the long chains. A chemical catalyst, zeolite, is used to isolate the diesel fuel. The chemistry of the catalytic depolymerization has been known since the late 1950’s. It is related to “catalytic cracking”, a standard method used in refinery operations to produce transportation fuels from heavy oils and waxes. This technology has only recently become commercially viable when bionics made a critical breakthrough by employing pulsed microwaves as the primary source of reaction energy in combination with a zeolite catalyst.  

Two things distinguish the TekGar technology from what is being used in the industry today. First, the microwaves are absorbed by particular molecular bonds in water and in the feedstock. Thus, all of the heat for the conversion process is released internally in the feedstock and  is then  convected to the surrounding feedstock which is very energy efficient. Second, the microwaves also interact with the catalytic conversion sites on the catalyst surfaces which gives the TekGar technology its ability to form the diesel range hydrocarbons.

Compared to other biomass technologies, Tekgar Biomass Pulse Microwave technology has several compelling competitive advantages including High-Efficiency diesel Production, Clean “Green” Output, Commercial Operating History, Modularity and Flexibility of Output and  Closed loop feedstock production

Waste Expo 2007

TekGar will be attending the Waste Expo conference in Atlanta on May 7th through the 9th. Over four hundred different vendors are scheduled to attend. WasteExpo is a great opportunity to see and compare all of the latest equipment and technology in the industry, all under one roof. Click here for more information.