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TekGar receives Patent from the USPTO

January 29, 2013

Spartanburg, SC - TekGar received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that their Non-Provisional Patent Application entitled System and Method Using a Microwave-Transparent Reaction Chamber for Production of Fuel from Carbon-Containing Feedstock, was issued as U.S. Patent Number 8,361,282 on January 29, 2013. “This is a tremendous milestone for TekGar”, stated Michael Catto, President and CEO of TekGar.

Michael Catto and Dr. Doug Van Thorre had a vision, back in 2006, of designing a system and method for converting waste materials into fuel, that was closed loop, environmentally friendly and economical to operate, with a positive energy balance. Both Mr. Catto and Dr. Van Thorre had been involved in the Biotech field for many years and had a great deal of experience in the process design and engineering of catalytic and enzymatic depolymerization of organic materials using microwaves.

Through three years of testing of many various feedstocks on their pilot plant in Moore, SC, they completed the design and engineering of a commercial system and applied for a patent in 2009. They then built a commercial demonstration plant with the help of Industrial Process Solutions (IPS). In addition, Mr. Sherman Aaron, President of IPS is a co-inventor on the patent. Today, TekGar has a 5 TPD rated demonstration system located at IPS whereby developers and funders from around the world can come and see a demonstration of this patented technology and have their particular feedstock tested for fuel and char yields, as well as finished fuel characteristics.