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First Industrial Sublimation System Announced

March 3, 2013

Spartanburg, SC - Today, TekGar announced the commissioning of their first industrial sublimation system, Sublimax, located outside Randers, Denmark. Frichs A/S, of Horsens, Denmark, purchased TekGar’s first industrial Sublimax in 2011, for the purpose of converting swine waste and straw into a medium BTU methane gas for producing electricity. This week, the Sublimax was commissioned whereby straw was converted to methane gas, in the Sublimax, collected and powered an electrical generator. The system will provide electricity and heat to a small community generated from waste materials.Sublimax Unit

TekGar's patent pending technology is based on conversion of a solid feedstock into a gas without going through a liquid phase. The Sublimax is not a gasification or combustion technology and does not produce a syngas. The Sublimax is a closed loop system that operates in an oxygen free environment. The feedstock is introduced into a specially constructed, oxygen free retort where the molecules are disassociated and ultimately reformed into methane and other gases that can be fed directly into a gas fired generator. Besides producing gas, the system yields a HHV char.

TekGar is the co-developer of the Sublimax with Industrial Process Solutions (SBS). This technology can be seen in a 50/100 ton per day system that is installed and operating at IPS located in North Wilkesboro, NC.