The Process Overview

Pre Process
At the beginning of the process the feedstock material is shredded mixed with the catalyst and subsequently pressed into pellets 0.08 x 0.75 inches under high pressure. If necessary, a dryer will be used to adjust the humidity of the material to the optimal level.

Reactor Process
The prepared pellets subsequently enter the Micro Dee Retorts where they are heated in an anaerobic atmosphere with continuous microwaves to about 320°C. The microwave heating occurs very homogenously without any local temperature peaks. The impact of the strong microwave radiation on the compressed reaction material causes an accelerated heat build-up in the dielectrically strong reacting catalyst and, through a surface reaction, breaks up the organic molecules in the reaction mass. The catalytic effectiveness supports a spontaneous cracking process and consequently the separation of the hydrocarbons.

Energy Converted by Microwave
The use of continuous microwave as a highly efficient energy supply is an exceptionally environmentally friendly method to heat the reaction mass in a homogeneous way. The hybrid design of the energy supply uses the available heat from the included combined heat and power (CHP) system to preheat the feedstock and the radiation power of the microwaves for the short-term heating up to reaction temperature.

The microwave radiation penetrates the materials without any wear and tear of the generators, due to the contact-less nature of the method. The long life magnetrons are maintenance-free over their complete life span of more than 18.000 hours. Their replacement is very cost-efficient and required only approx. every 24 months. Contrary to common understanding, energy application by microwave radiation has a very high degree of efficiency. Because of the predetermined bundling of the radiation power, industrial microwave applications are not comparable with conventional household units. The retorts are equipped with a complete electromagnetic shielding, Faraday Cages, and avoids any hazardous microwave leakage or scattered radiation. The implemented safety precautions fulfill all technical requirements.