The patent pending innovative process produces diesel fuel through a catalyst reduction at a fraction of the cost of existing recycling processes.
In the Micro Dee’s closed-process cycle, the input waste materials are mixed with the catalyst, which initiates a catalytic reaction characterized by the following results:

  • Molecular depolymerization at low temperatures (280 - 350°C) and virtually pressure-free (about 1.5 psi below ambient pressure).
  • Hydrocarbon conversion rates not previously achievable of more than 80% without the same magnitude of dangerous residual by-products.
  • Decontamination of dangerous residual by-products (halogens, etc.) in a liquefied process that yields salt.
  • High-quality Diesel Fuel or Jet-Fuel suitable for use in today's engines.

The Micro Dee Plant is a self-sustaining energy production platform. It only uses up to 10% of its own energy production to run the plant through a 230kW block-type total energy plant (BHKW).